Women’s Art Board is a group of dedicated volunteers committed to helping support education programs at Rockford Art Museum. Founded as the Women’s Board of Rockford Art Museum in 1963, the group presents monthly programs for its members and two outreach programs for the public each year – a three-part Art Talks Lecture Series and the Women’s Art Board Annual Luncheon. Proceeds from both help Women’s Art Board support all education programs of Rockford Art Museum throughout the year. If you’re interested in becoming a member of WAB please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page (select “WAB”) or call (815) 968-2787.


Women’s Art Board started in 1963 as an idea and proposal presented by Patricia Sneed, then-vice president and soon-to-be president of the Rockford Art Association Board of Trustees. Having observed the pluses offered by women’s boards at other museums, the concept was for a new group that would provide added dimensions to existing programs. This board was not to be an auxiliary, but would concentrate their efforts on original and enriching art programs for adults and children. Patricia Sneed called upon Patricia Atwood to help plan and bring about this women’s board. The two Pats spent many months investigating and researching how women’s Boards operated at other community museums. It was decided to invite 50 women members of the Rockford Art Association (now Rockford Art Museum) who were known for their creative talents and interest in the arts to be the first members of the “Women’s Board of the Rockford Art Museum,” now known simply as Women’s Art Board. The first meeting was held June 20, 1963, and Atwood accepted the challenge to serve its first president.

Statement of Purpose

To provide members educational opportunities in the visual arts and to sponsor special projects for the benefit of Rockford Art Museum. Funds raised by the Women’s Art Board are to be used for the benefit of Rockford Art Museum.

Vision Statement

The Women’s Board of Rockford Art Museum shall enrich the lives of its members by increasing their art awareness through monthly educational programs. It shall provide members the opportunity to share esprit de corps while providing public awareness of Rockford Art Museum by supporting the museum, hosting opening receptions, and sponsoring educational programs for the public. Members of Women’s Art Board individually support Rockford Art Museum through their membership to the museum.