Free Artist Lecture with Laurie Hogin Feb. 18 at RAM

Rockford Art Museum (RAM) presents a free lecture with exhibiting artist Laurie Hogin called “Mad Bunny: A Life in the Woods,” that takes place 6–7 PM on Tuesday, February 18 at RAM, located inside the Riverfront Museum Park building at 711 North Main Street in downtown Rockford, Illinois. This free event is part of the related educational programming for Sonic Disruptions: Buisch + Hogin.

Laurie Hogin’s “Mad Bunny” is a recurrent image in her work, functioning by turns as political allegory, metaphor and alter ego. Imagining her production as Mad Bunny’s three-year trip down a long, strange woodland trail, Hogin will discuss the evolution of her conceptual, aesthetic and material process and answer questions. The talk’s title is a humorous reference to Felix Salton’s 1923 novel, Bambi: A Life in the Woods. This story about life, death, deep time, and interdependence in the natural world was among her childhood favorites. 

The exhibition features paintings by Derrick Buisch and Laurie Hogin who use color, imagery, narrative and symbols to stimulate our senses and challenge our perceptions. Buisch is an art professor at the University of Wisconsin while Hogin is Associate Director and Director of Graduate Studies at the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; both are represented in the Rockford Art Museum Permanent Collection. Also featured in this 15-week major exhibition is a custom-designed playlist and reading list of the artists’ favorite music and books, plus related educational programming—including free artist lectures by both (Hogin on February 18, Buisch on March 31).

Sonic Disruptions
opened February 7 and remains on view through Memorial Day, May 25, at Rockford Art Museum. Organized by Carrie Johnson, the exhibition is sponsored by Smith Charitable Foundation, Community Foundation of Northern Illinois, and Rockford Area Arts Council; and partially supported by the Illinois Arts Council Agency. 

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