Sonic Disruptions: Buisch and Hogin

Sonic Disruptions: Buisch and Hogin

This 15-week major exhibition features Derrick Buisch and Laurie Hogin who use color, imagery, narrative, and symbols to stimulate our senses. Vibrating lines morph into playful symbols of pop culture and brilliant color combinations provide jolts of electric energy in paintings. Meant to be visually engaging and potentially unnerving, Buisch combines evocative imagery with moments of uneasy hilarity. Hogin creates beautiful yet bizarre apocalyptic landscapes and allegorical animal portraits saturated in brilliant color and imbued with elaborate narratives reflecting pop culture and the human experience. Deeply concerned by the social and political issues in our contemporary culture, her dazzling yet disturbing narrative allegories portray the disastrous effects of drug abuse, altered food sources, over-consumerism and misguided political and economic forces.

Organized by Carrie Johnson, Sonic Disruptions: Buisch and Hogin is on view February 7 through May 25, 2020. The exhibition and its related educational programming are supported by grant awards from Smith Charitable Foundation, the Donald V. and Britta A. Peterson Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois’ Community Grants Program, and Rockford Area Arts Council; and partially supported by a Partners in Excellence grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

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