Veronica Soria Martinez: Memory Access

Veronica Soria Martinez: Memory Access

By mixing augmented reality, video projections, and sound, Veronica Soria-Martinez’s exhibition Memory Access invites visitors into a multi-sensory space that investigates a speculative future through fictional relics. Soria-Martinez’s exhibition is loosely inspired by two prominent Argentinian writings from 1940s: Adolfo Bioy Casares’s short novel The Invention of Morel, which could be considered a prediction of virtual and augmented reality and Jorge Luis Borges’s short story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius which is a tale about an alternate reality in which humans deny the existence of material objects and nouns in language—questioning if something can exist if it is not perceived. Soria-Martinez further investigates this mind-bending philosophical question specifically by using augmented reality to reveal her sculptures within the gallery space. Soria-Martinez explains “I became very intrigued by the idea of presenting fiction as fact, with the addition of contradictions that would lead to some atrocious truth about ourselves”, referring to her connection to the Argentinian writers. From the augmented reality sculptures of “relics from the future” to the audio narration explaining their history, visitors are encouraged to physically, intellectually, and virtually investigate this intriguing exhibition.

Rockford Art Museum is proud to host New Genres Art Space presenting Jonah King: How The West Was Won and Veronica Soria Martinez: Memory Access. This exhibition and its related educational programming are sponsored by Lisa and Mark Lindman. Exhibition-related materials are supported in-part by a grant from Rockford Area Arts Council.

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