Bob Evans was born in Chicago in 1944. He became interested in art while still in elementary school. He started photographing and developing his own film in 1956 at the age of twelve. While most kids at sixteen want a car Bob wanted a twin lens reflex camera and an electronic flash. He started college thinking he would do photojournalism but soon turned his interest to fine art. He has a BS in Art Education from Truman State University and a MFA in Painting from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. His art has been shown in galleries and museums and he is in a number of collections. He has worked as a museum curator and director and has taught college courses in museum studies, graphic design, painting and photography. He has been listed in Who’s Who in American Art since 1972. Now retired from teaching he continues to produce art in a variety of media. He started his career in the Midwest but has lived in New England since 1988.—Bob Evans


Constant Pressure


Outer Harmonies