Store Front I-J

McCauley paints human vanity with deadpan wit and robustly theatrical paint handling. Nature as he sees it is a stage. When there are vistas, they are as real as he can make them and still retain their identity as filtered experiences: Frederic Church by way of stage sets. A dark truck grinds its way up a narrow road on a moist, dark day, evidence of clear cuts around it. Even the molecules of air resonate in the holy hush of the atmosphere – deepening dark trees and clots of dark clouds overhead, with dry light on the road and roadside stumps. McCauley was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, Washington, graduating from Western Washington University in 1969 and from Washington State University in 1972 with a Master of Fine Arts degree. As longtime professor in the art department for Rockford College, he has been living outside the Northwest for a long time, and still there is about his work a distinctly Northwest sensibility, of nature flowing up the streets into stores, classrooms and theaters to assert itself amid human culture.—excerpted from the essay by Seattle Post-Intelligencer art critic Regina Hackett for the RAM exhibition catalogue Robert McCauley: A Retrospective, 2005




Constant Pressure