Robert Longo, noted printmaker, assembled a series of prints called Men in the Cities, whose ambiguous postures beg interpretation by the viewer. James is one of these. Is he a victim of violence? A dancer pausing? Or, the quintessential world-weary modern man? Longo was born in 1953 in Brooklyn. He received his BFA from Buffalo State (N.Y.) College in 1975, concentrating on sculpture. “I love to draw. I always draw. I love the line that comes from the hand. That’s real power,” he said. Because of his love of drawing and his study of sculpture, his figures possess a sculptural quality. Along with many artists of his generation, he is fascinated with mass media, including television and comic books. These abiding interests are reflected in his work, which possess an immediate impact and a contemporary feel. Longo has explored and produced experimental films and music videos. He became famous in the 1980s for his series Men in the Cities. His work can be seen in museums nationwide.—Barbara Morris, 2008



Constant Pressure


Outer Harmonies