Great Wide Open

This is an imagined future where the boundaries between the perceived world and the virtual world tangle. After generations of religious, governmental and corporate control over the populations of the globe, a reactionary seed has taken root. In time this activity has devolved into an environment of indiscriminate justification, an era of excesses and extremes. At last, even this philosophy of rationalization has become doctrine. Mindless games and absurd rituals are standard practice, the anti-uniform (originally designed as a statement in opposition to religious and corporate codes of dress) is a compulsory uniform. People who believe in truth of any kind are persecuted. And the same impulses that have been responsible for the greatest social achievements of the West, perhaps of mankind have rendered it void of meaning and potential. Children are left without moral compass. The world they know is a world without consequences; they act accordingly, turning against parents, teachers and the adult world. Once in control, they immediately put to practice the system they have grown to understand – a system of anti-rules. Catastrophe is inevitable but not entirely undesirable and there is a sense that this deconstruction is a precursor to some greater re-imagining of the space, the world, even the future.—


Constant Pressure

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