Dancing on the Edge

I like to draw. I like to paint. I like to make something from nothing. Beyond that, my work makes reference to art’s ability to make us feel what we are seeing – Bob Welch said it best: “Because there’s no explaining what your imagination can make you see and feel.” Working with found objects and found images puts me into that frame of mind. There is something about the everyday that can so easily be taken for granted. But when we place these things into a gallery setting and light them and alter them with paint, other elements and lighting, they can speak to us on a completely different level. If I could communicate this to you in words, I would be a writer. This I am not. So I make things, and I paint things, and I find things and alter them to speak with and without words to that which is within. Call it the subconscious or the soul or whatever you choose, but that is my goal; to communicate something from nothing to a part of us that I can’t put into words. It’s not a glamour profession, but it’s what I do.—John Deill, 2011




Constant Pressure