lower gallery

JUL 27–NOV 11, 2018

Photographed in the United States and Estonia, E.S.E. (East South East) features 25 photographs by Estonian artist Terttu Uibopuu that reveal people and places in Estonia, New York, and Rockford that embody a quiet resilience in the face of daily adversity amidst long-term recovery from political occupation, natural disaster, or recession – and offer a glimpse into a world where perseverance is commonplace. This traveling exhibition is organized by University Galleries at Illinois State University.

main galleries

OCT 12, 2018–JAN 27, 2019

Dwellings features paintings, photography, sculptures and installations by Jacqueline Moses, Juan Fernandez, Joe Cassan, and Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg. Each creates artwork using houses and other architectural forms as subjects that challenge our notions of social, political and environmental issues. Emotionally inspired and intellectually structured, Moses’s vibrant paintings are strongly influenced by globalization, turmoil and hope. Stripping down photographs to bare bones, Fernandez’s work references perceptions of form, structure and order in common materials and subject matter. Cassan’s small-scale sculptures of mundane interiors draw on the isolated, often emotional, relationship between omission and recognition. McCaw and Budsberg’s sculptures and installations explore history and acenstry through scaled-down architectural forms in various stages of construction, destruction or reconfiguration.

Dwellings is organized by Rockford Art Museum Curator Carrie Johnson. This exhibition and its related educational programming are partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency and by the Armer Ahlstrand Charitable Foundation.