Sweet Dreams, Baby!

Lichtenstein, Roy
Gift of anonymous donor

Lichtenstein was raised in New York City, the son of affluent middle-class parents. He grew up surrounded by that world of exploding mass culture and commercial advertisement, jazz and prohibition. Surrounded by the art moderne of the 1930s, influenced by the geometrical, modernist world of art deco and futurism, Lichtenstein also loved the superheroes of radio and film serials, and the popular music of his day, especially jazz. His work explores ideas of clichés and icons, the ersatz and the manufactured. In the beginning, cartoons and comic strips provided his source material, although he soon moved away from them. But he never abandoned his signature method, the Ben-Day dot (named after inventor Benjamin Day's 1879 technique for reproducing printed images by using dots to recreate gradations of shading), ensuring that his work would remain as recognizable as it was quotable.—The Guardian, 2013

GA - Graphic Arts
36 x 26 inches