Funeral Party III

Kimler, Wesley
Gift of McDougal Littell Inc.

Kimler is one of the best painters of our time. Fluent in myriad styles as broad as abstraction to realism, he is capable of convincingly putting onto canvas any image or form he wants – and he juxtaposes many. He is a painter's painter. He does not work to kowtow to or appease his audience; he works to overwhelm them with the content, stature and the power of his imagery. Kimler’s paintings are often huge—way beyond human scale—sometimes as large as 10 by 30 feet. They are heroic statements about brave, or obdurate, inspirational human endeavor addressing issues of life, death and the pursuit of excellence.—Paul Klein, 2009

b. 1953
P - Painting
oil on canvas
87 x 101 inches